The Thrilling Rappelling Experience!

Feel the adrenaline rush through your body as you rappel down a rock or cliff.  Trying out Rappelling will encourage you to go beyond limits your mind sets to explore new possibilities. It is a great activity for groups looking for personal challenges or gives you an introduction to ropes and mountains. You get a new found taste for adventure and conquer any fear of heights thus helping you build personal confidence.

Equipment – For Rappelling safely, there are three primary pieces of equipment, they are -  rope, carabiners and harnesses. Additional equipment includes helmets, gloves, ascenders and descenders.

Safety and Protection - Rappelling can be a tough activity as there is risk of ropes or equipment jamming or breaking.  To counteract this there we at Xtremezone have a belay, which involves a person holding the rope slack to help control the climber's descent and guide the climber through the whole process making it a very enjoyable activity!

And most importantly : Our  instructors will brief you on safety and on correct use of equipment. Ensure you wear all the safety gear provided.

What to bring  - Comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. Bring waterproof clothing with you in case it rains.

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Best Seasons:Spring, Summer

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