Life is either a great adventure or nothing

Looking for exciting places to get your adrenaline fix? Look no further! Camp ExtremeZone, is Bangalore’s one-stop shop and leading adventure Sports Company. Happiness is good times spent with good friends. Treat yourself and your friends for a wonderful day at the outdoors. Engage in adventure sports and activities which will bring you all together.  Camp ExtremeZone is the place where you can let yourself free and relax. Here, you can opt for either a day out where you spend the day on adventure activities like the rope course, interesting team building activities where you form teams and compete against each other. Have fun rappelling down a rock or kayak on the cool waters of the dam. If you want to extend your day , experience night outing with your gang and a quick trek close to the lake of our campsite.. The terrain is beautiful and has the backdrop of the lovely river and is a totally safe zone for trekking. Cozy up around a bonfire and camp in tents. Enjoy a good meal and have great fun with your friends. While bringing the best of adventure, Camp ExtremeZone also ensures a totally safe yet fun experience. 

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    Camping Therapy!

    Break out from your monotonous week and rediscover the joy of freedom for a weekend. Good for beginners too …… an experience that will truly make you happy !

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